Wood-fired ovens are about more than just perfect pizza. Almost any recipe can be adapted. Discover a multitude of dishes that you can create with this gourmet appliance while spending quality time with friends and loved ones.

Cooking with an open fire brings out unique flavours in every dish, from delectable appetizers, roasts, bread, vegetables, hearty stews to even mouth-watering puddings.

Wood burning pizza ovens have a long legacy in the world of cooking. So, gather your family and friends around your oven to cook a range of gourmet foods.

We have 3 different models wood burning pizza ovens to cater for all different needs and affordability. From
entertaining family and friends at home, to catering for guests at your lodge or small restaurant.

What makes Al Fresco Ovens stand out above the rest?

  • Our ovens have been developed with over a decade of experience and quality craftsmanship.
  • We use the highest quality refractory materials that ensure superior heat absorption and retention, which is the main function of a wood-burning oven.
  • The oven floor is made from a 42% aluminate refractory brick, which again ensures maximum and quick heat absorption. These bricks are extremely durable.
  • Ovens only take 45 minutes to heat before cooking
  • With the exceptional heat retention, our ovens use much less wood
  • Our ovens are pre-cured, saving our customers a lengthy process before using the oven.
  • Ovens are delivered as a complete unit, so no assembly of dome and floor required.
  • Alfresco oven embodies the definition of entertaining outside. With a weatherproof finish that makes this oven suitable for outdoor use, but still elegant and functional to be built indoors, this is the most versatile oven available in the market.

  • The standard chimney length is 800mm. We use 304-grade stainless steel that won’t rust even in coastal areas. Custom chimney extension or bends available upon request.
  • The optional mobile stand with a wood rack, accessory rack and hooks as well as stainless-steel table on sliding rails, makes your oven a complete mobile entertainment unit. You can feature this wood-burning oven set outside to cater for private functions or birthday parties.  AlFresco is all about entertaining in style.

  • For someone renting and not wanting to build a platform for the oven as traditional required, this oven can be moved with you when relocating.
  • Our ovens are not only esthetically pleasing but also most functional
  • The set comes with an oven door, tempered glass thermometer and a choke system on the chimney. This makes the oven suitable for not only pizza but all other baking that can be done in a regular oven. Woodfire enhances the flavour of any dish.
  • We include instructions for use of the oven and provide a professional back up service to all our customers.
  • All ovens come with a 2-year guarantee.


Do you build custom pizza ovens or are they standard designs?

We have 3 different sizes of standard ovens, we do not customize the design. We can however customize the exterior finishing.

What designs are available?

Our designs are suitable for home entertainment or small restaurants.

What materials are the ovens made of?

All ovens are made from high aluminate refractory materials.

What is the right height for the oven? How much space will I need for the pizza oven?

  1. Al Fresco Magnifique – 880mm (W) x 770mm (d) x 600mm (h) and weighs 75kg
  2. Al Fresco Grande – 970mm (W) x 920mm (d) x 700mm (h) and weighs 120kg
  3. Al Fresco Festivo – 1100mm (W) x 1030mm (d) x 750mm (h) and weighs 150kg

Do you install pizza ovens indoors and outdoors?

All ovens can be used outdoors with a standard 800mm chimney or can be installed indoors with an extended stainless steel chimney.

If they are installed indoors, what safety precautions have to be taken?

The only precaution will be to have the chimney sealed and insulated properly where it is installed through the roof.

Do you install wood fire pizza ovens or gas?

Only wood-fired ovens.

How long does it take to reach cooking temperature?

Approximately 45 min, but depends on the hardness of the wood.

What else could be cooked in the pizza oven?

Anything, from pizza to meat dishes, potjie, lasagne to baking your own bread.

Do you offer a warranty on the oven?

Yes. 2 years.

What maintenance does the oven require?

Outside of oven can be repainted annually to maintain the finish.

Is the oven environmentally friendly?


How long does the installation take?

Ovens are sold and delivered as a complete unit and do not require installation unless it is being built inside with chimney extension. Special installations will be quoted upon request.

Do you offer an after sale service?

Yes, we provide instructions for use and recipes for the ovens. Also, maintenance is done on request.

Which areas do you service?

Nationwide delivery

Do you provide free quotes?


Any additional information?

We have 3 different models of wood-burning pizza ovens to cater for all different needs and affordability. From entertaining family and friends at home to catering for guests at your lodge or small restaurant.

All oven sets come complete with a door, stainless steel chimney with choke valve and swivel rain cap. Stainless steel pizza lifter and a steel coal rake set is also included, everything you need to start baking your own delicious homemade wood-fired pizzas!

You can have the oven built indoors with an extended chimney or it can be used outside on either an existing base, or we also offer mobile stands for our wood-burning pizza ovens as an optional accessory. The Grande and Festivo models come standard with a built-in tempered glass thermometer.

Wood-fired ovens have a long legacy in the world of cooking and are about more than just perfect pizza. Almost any recipe can be adapted. Discover a multitude of dishes that you can create with this gourmet appliance while spending quality time with friends and loved ones.

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